Deepmind’s AlphaStar crushes best StarCraft 2 players

Deepmind's AlphaStar crushes best StarCraft 2 players
So today’s Deepmind’s StartCraft AI, named AlphaStar  neural network AI thoroughly trounced a couple of top StarCraft players. The first set of matches against Dario ” TLO ” Wünsch (StarCraft II player from Germany. TLO is a former Brood War and Supreme Commander player currently playing for Team Liquid.). AlphaStar beat TLO 5 games to ...

Aruba 2018 travel

Aruba 2018 travel
My annual vacation posting. This year’s trip was to the island of Aruba one of the Dutch Antilles islands (the other major ones being Bonaire and Curaçao) . I’ll keep this short as there a tons of travel blogs out there that do a much better job of providing a more complete review of an ...
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