2017 Andrews AFB Air Show – photos

2017 Andrews AFB Air Show - photos
Just a few photos from this weekend’s Joint Base Andrews Air Show in Washington DC. Andrews AFB AirShow / Google Photos

new hobby drone photography – drones and aerial photography (aka Quad copters)

new hobby drone photography - drones and aerial photography (aka Quad copters)
So I have had my eye on getting a drones (formally known as a quad copter) or UAV in FAA parlance ) for a while. I had started seeing the DJI Phantom series of drones pop-up here and there and had always been curious and intrigued by the flying camera. But I could never rationalize ...

2015 Cherry Blossom 10k

2015 Cherry Blossom 10k
Finally we have had some nice weather, and this last Sunday myself and a group of friends once again met at Branch Brook park for the 39th  edition of the Essex County Cherry Blossom 10K, my local hometown race. This year I choose to do this race instead of Rutgers half marathon which was held on this ...

Love Run Half Marathon 13.1

Love Run Half Marathon 13.1
This year, because my usual spring half had a conflict with Cherry blossom 10k I decided to do the earlier Love Run half marathon in Philadelphia. Love Run half Philadelphia The half-marathon course, is very similar to the Rock-n-Roll Half marathon in Philadelphia, it starts off at the foot of the Art Museum and then ...

What a Shot , Sports Photography 2

What a Shot , Sports Photography
Sports and photography brings together two of my favorite hobbies, I’m a big fan of sports/action photography, for me there something pretty neat about stopping time and capturing the action , intensity and drama that is sports and action events. So it was nice to see this CNN  collage of recent sports photos from this last week ...

Running in the fall

Running in the fall
Here on the East coast and many other parts of the US , nature is a cornucopia of colors as the trees perform their annual ritual of fall. Its one of the best times to run, or do anything outdoors that let’s you take in all the scenery. Luckily my favorite running path is through ...

Cool airplane paint schemes 2

Cool airplane paint schemes
Saw this today on CNN.com , it shows some really interesting and colorful plane liveries. This appeals to both my interest in aviation and photography. To see more of these schemes visit airliners.net where you’ll find s boatload of airplane photos.