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17 Mar 2024 | London 2024 |

Cheerio from London!

We just returned from an amazing 5 day trip to one of my favorite cities in the world – London. There’s just something magical about the energy, history, and traditions of England’s capital that keep me coming back time and time again.

Our trip was jam packed starting with stops at some of London’s most iconic sites like Buckingham Palace to witness the traditional Changing of the Guard ceremony. The pomp and circumstance of those iconic red coats and bearskin hats never gets old! We also took in other must-see attractions like the Elizabeth Tower (home to the famous Big Ben bell), Piccadilly Circus with its bright neon lights and billboards, and a leisurely river cruise down the Thames to Greenwich.

A highlight was visiting the British Museum to see the legendary Rosetta Stone up close.

On Sunday morning we headed over to London Olympic stadium, home of the West Ham Soccer team for a local 10k run , around the grounds, my time was pretty absymal but it was a fun way to get our Sunday started.

Day trip to Leeds Castle, Canterbury and Dover

One day we ventured outside of London for a day trip to Leeds Castle, Canterbury Cathedral, and the stunning White Cliffs of Dover. Leeds Castle lived up to its “loveliest castle in the world” nickname nestled beautifully along the lake. And Canterbury Cathedral was magnificent, it’s hard to describe the feeling of walking through such a sacred place with over 1,400 years of history.

Back in London, an evening at the Tina Turner musical on the West End was simply electrifying. What an incredible show celebrating the life and music of such a legendary performer. The acting, singing, dancing, and dazzling costumes had me grinning from ear to ear. The Queen of Rock herself would have been proud!

We wrapped up our London explorations with a relaxing stroll through the gorgeous Hyde Park and a visit to the one and only Harrods department store. Walking those upscale halls is like stepping into another world of luxury and elegance. I may have indulged in a few too many gourmet treats and souvenirs!

London Wrap up and Tips

London is of course world renowned, and has so much history and heritage… here’s some useful tips to ge the most out of any trip therre.

  • Get a metro card (oyster Card) that will allow you all sorts of mass trasit options to get around the city qucikly
  • London has a vibrant night life, certain parts of the city really come alive at night
  • London has excellent culinary options, much different than the old days (England is known for bland food scene) , this is no longer the case as there’s all sorts of international food choices
  • Be prepared , London is expensive, the pound is one of the stronger currencies so coming from the US expect everything to be higher priced.
  • Try to visit during the shoulder seasons, Feb-April or Sept-Nov as this will avoid the bulk of the summer tourist crowds and you’ll have an easier time getting availability of show and game tickets and easier time booking excursions.
  • Do take a day trip outside London, there’s lots of other amazing English places to visit within of a few hours bus or train ride from London.
  • If you have enough time consider taking a train to Paris France, its only three hours by high speed rail , less by plane.

All in all, another memorable London adventure is in the books. The city’s iconic mix of antiquity and modernity, high-brow culture and cheeky modern flair, is simply intoxicating. From seeing ancient wonders like the Rosetta Stone to rocking out at a West End show, London delivers on all fronts. I’m already dreaming up my next reason to return to jolly old England. Cheers!

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