“Who am I and Why and I here?”

Currently I work as a senior PHP developer at a firm in NJ. My role there is as a senior architect and developer responsible for building and maintaining  a modern web-based operations system. The system is used by the company to track projects, estimates  purchasing , inventory control, shipping and reporting.

The part that Im most  interested in is the real-time inventory control and tracking. Using a mesh network of Aruba WIFI radios, and a series of handheld Motorola MC9000 scanners the system can provide  real-time inventory tracking. This is a great benefit to projects where parts procurement is done in just-in-time fashion, saving the company money.

Prior to my current position I worked at a consulting firm working on a variety of E-commerce and custom CRM projects. I’m actually still involved with some of these projects on a part-time consulting basis .

What I do best…

What I find most enjoyable about work, is the ability to solve a business need/challenge with a clever use of technology. I tend to favor open-source technologies, because of their more flexible and cooperative nature. However  I will use the best tool for the job when its available  its not always open source, often times the best tools are proprietary (think Dreamweaver and Final Cut pro) .. what ever gets the job done.

Being a Pragmatist

One thing about me is that I’m fairly pragmatic about my work. I like to re-use and re-tool things that work and have worked. Its kinda of an characteristic of most software types to reuse stuff (why re-invent the wheel) , so whenever possible I like to use technology that has been proven to work and solves the problem at hand.


Keep it simple silly!, I’m a huge proponent of simplicity in code and technology in general. Some of the most practical solutions are often the simplest one.. Here are a couple of technology examples, I like.

  • Binary Search:  Its a very elegant solution to a searching problem that can be easily adapted.
  • URL’s : Yes they are everywhere today, the elegance is in its simplicity coupled with the domain name and (DNS) it works beautifully and is infinitely scalable

I often eschew complicated solutions , when my intuition tells me something simpler will work better.

Looking forward..

Working in the technology field there is never a dull moment. Its a constantly changing landscape. I actually enjoy learning about new technologies  these days for me its NoSQL, Node.Js and mobile Android Development.