Navesink Swim 2017

Navesink Swim 2017
This weekend, I took part in the 11th annual Nave-sink -or- swim, it’s a an open water distance swim race and festival held in Rumson, NJ at the Navesink cove at Victory Park.This year there was a bit of fog hanging over the river at the start but  like  the  last few years the weather was perfect ...

Statue of Liberty 1.2km Swim 3

Statue of Liberty 1.2km Swim
Today I took part in NYC Swim , circumnavigation of  Liberty Island, where the iconic statue of liberty resides.  Located in New York harbor, where the Hudson River spills  into the  Raritan Bay, this busy waterway is full of ferries, sailboats, and all sort of activity. The swim scheduled for late afternoon provided an idea ...

Open Water Swimming 2012 2

Open Water Swimming 2012
I took up swimming in earnest at the end of last year. Knowing I had wanted to take part in a couple of triathlons this season, I figured I better work on my swimming. Never having swum as a kid , I was pretty much self taught. Even though I had swum before my freestyle ...
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