2017 Andrews AFB Air Show – photos

2017 Andrews AFB Air Show - photos
Just a few photos from this weekend’s Joint Base Andrews Air Show in Washington DC. https://photos.app.goo.gl/2G9HdfNG6KyTlr2R2

Cool Airbus formation flying promo

Cool Airbus formation flying promo
So those of you who are into aviation may know that Airbus just  released (just recently  12/19/2014) its new Airbus A350-XWB, a competitor to Boeing’s 787. As part of this they are pulling out all the stops with their promo video shot a few months back. The promo video shows 5 new Airbus A350-WXB flying in formation ...

How can planes “vanish” in 2014? 1

How can planes
UPDATE (10/10/2014): PBS Series NOVA did an interesting episode on this topic.. take a look here. Nova: Why Planes Vanish (Video) UPDATE (12/29/2014): Sadly another aircraft has been AirAsia Flight QZ8501, has gone missing, while this incident seems a bit less mysterious than MH370 , it again underscores the need for real-time GPS (Satellite live telemetry systems. ...

Cool airplane paint schemes 2

Cool airplane paint schemes
Saw this today on CNN.com , it shows some really interesting and colorful plane liveries. This appeals to both my interest in aviation and photography. To see more of these schemes visit airliners.net where you’ll find s boatload of airplane photos.

Air show Photography 2

Air show Photography
One of the fun things I’ve done in recent years, was attend several air shows, not only to enjoy the entertaining displays of aerobatic military and civilian aircraft, but also to test out my photography skills in capturing really fast action..   I love taking action photography especially of  sports,cycling,  auto and motor racing, air shows, boating etc. There’s ...