Inspiring Resume designs :: templates

Inspiring Resume designs :: templates
My sister recently asked me to looked at her resume for some advice on how she could spruce things up.  So she sent it over and it seemed fine overall, just your typical chronological list resume  with Contact info in the header and then a reverse chronological order of jobs etc… So I said to ...

Using server-side PHP Datatables (grid) with SQLite / MySQL PDO 42

Using server-side PHP  Datatables (grid) with SQLite / MySQL  PDO
I have been a fan of using datatables for a while and always wanted to generalize the server side example to be able to use SQLite, MySQL or any other PDO supported database. For the longest time in my projects I have used PHP AdoDB as my Database abstraction layer, mostly because it came with ...

How can planes “vanish” in 2014? 1

How can planes
UPDATE (10/10/2014): PBS Series NOVA did an interesting episode on this topic.. take a look here. Nova: Why Planes Vanish (Video) UPDATE (12/29/2014): Sadly another aircraft has been AirAsia Flight QZ8501, has gone missing, while this incident seems a bit less mysterious than MH370 , it again underscores the need for real-time GPS (Satellite live telemetry systems. ...
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