Cool Airbus formation flying promo

Airbus A350XWB family flight formation

Airbus A350XWB family flight formation

So those of you who are into aviation may know that Airbus just  released (just recently  12/19/2014) its new Airbus A350-XWB, a competitor to Boeing’s 787. As part of this they are pulling out all the stops with their promo video shot a few months back.

The promo video shows 5 new Airbus A350-WXB flying in formation and performing a few formation flying maneuvers, looks pretty neat.. The video also does a nice job of filming behind the scenes and showing you all the planning and preparation needed to get something like this produced… Have a look for yourself I think you’ll be impressed…

Aerobatic flying big lumbering commercial jetliners is nothing new.. ironically this is a bit of a far cry from the early jet commercial demonstration days, when a maverick test pilot like Tex Johnson barrel rolled the 707 during its inaugural tour.

… remember its all about “selling airplanes” as Tex told Boeing president when he got called into his office.

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