What I would like to see happen if the US economy were revamped because of this virus

My wish list of socioeconomic enhancements for the US would be..

  • Universal Healthcare: this is a no brainier , every other developed country offers it’s citizens this, they do it for a fraction of the US private system, so it’s bs to say it’s too expensive to do here. In the long run universal healthcare will benefit the economy,.because it allows folks to explore more of their economic potential and not play defense with their growth potential.

  • State sponsored pensions: The idea that most Americans retirement outcome is based on 401k which not all companies offer or are susceptible to massive market fluctuations, should not be how to create a secure retirement system. A state guaranteed pension program that employees contribute towards and is separate from the social security program, yet provides steady and consistent returns and is backed by the government. It’s a tax-free system and is based on a person’s contributions with the government acting as fiduciary and management.

  • Reduced  costs for higher education/vocational training: Not sure if free college is the answer but some sort of super affordable higher-education and vocational training, that doesn’t put students into indentured servitude once they finish.

  • housing availability and affordability: The reason the cost of living is so high in so many places with jobs is because of the demand for housing. Housing should cost at most 25% of your salary. Governments needs to address this either through zoning laws and with programs to make housing affordable to most, and make rents controlled for all tenants of particular cities/states. As well as building out plots of land in less dense areas to encourage development there.

  • Internet access like a utility : We’re not going back to a world without Internet and the future will require more of it. Government should mandate their be an affordable public option access in addition to private providers. Western Europe is a good example where many providers compete on price and service. With 5G technologies this should be easier to do.

I could go on many more such as other infrastructure enhancements… but for me these would be the main ones…

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