Everything you wanted to know about Apollo Guidance Computer … great talk on details of 1st moon landing.

Came across a great YouTube talk on the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC)   and its role in the first moon landing.. The AGC is a historic piece of technology that got us to the moon. In a day and age (1960’s) when computers took up an entire room, this custom made piece of hardware and software  about the size of 1-foot cube , that was one of the first to use microprocessors , and was very carefully engineered to be a RTOS and very fault tolerant piece of equipment that had a surprising number of tasks

Anyone who has watched the video clips of the first moon landing has undoubtedly heard  the various alarms that cropped  up during the final descent and gave concern to the astronauts and NASA , this talk below, goes into very good detail explaining this scenario and also explaining the computer hardware and software design details behind the AGC.  And You’ll finally understand what all those 1201, and 1202 alarms were about..



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