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HTML5 Gaming

I’m beginning to look into various html5 javascript game and graphics frameworks.  The toughest part is always choosing a good framework in the beginning, since its such a time investment to learn a new API , plus hope that the framework is popular enough so bugs are fixed quickly and it matures rapidly.   This whole html5 space is filled with promise.  Even now Microsoft is getting into the act with its standards-compliant hardware accelerated IE9 and IE10 , wow I used standards-compliant and Microsoft IE in the same sentence, that’s when you know stuff is really changing.

HTML5 Gaming /Canvas Frameworks

To give you an idea how far html5 javascript play the browser version of contre-jour  to find out the details behind it  listen to this podcast on Hansel minutes on porting a popular Ios game to html5

I thinking the next 5-10 years we’ll see some really truly amazing rich browser-based apps. There already exist a pretty decent collection of HTML5 frameworks geard for web apps.

HTML5 Web & Mobile Frameworks
Speaking of HTML 5 and apps, some experienced people have already built pre-fabricated frames for you to hang your application on.  While they can have steep learning curves, they can also get you past some of the basic pitfalls that it’s easy to get caught up in.


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