a week in beautiful O’ahu , Hawa’ii 2

a week in beautiful O'ahu , Hawa'ii
Waikiki Bay in Honolulu,, in front of the statue of the father of Hawaiian Surf culture, Olympian Duke Kahanamoku Aloha, readers! Christine and I recently (Back in earlier December 2022) had the opportunity to explore the beautiful island of Oahu in Hawaii, and we had an amazing time. This was our second trip to the ...

Northern Portugal (Alto Minho) / Drone video & photos

Northern Portugal  (Alto Minho) / Drone video & photos
Just a quick post about finally getting around to editing my April 2018 Portugal visit with family.  Brought the Mavic Pro along and here’s an edited version of some of the sights from the trip  Monção, Portugal . Here are some additional photos taken on Monção, Portugal a small city, on the banks of the ...

My first Hawaii vacation.. photos and thoughts

My first Hawaii vacation.. photos and thoughts
I haven’t done a vacation post in some time (my last one was my Carribean Cruise in late 2013)  so this is my first one on my first Hawaiian vacation. I’m heading to Hawaii for a much needed 2017 vacation . I went to two islands. The Big Island (the Island of Hawaii ) and ...

Holmdel Antenna Horn – helping prove the “Big Bang”

Holmdel Antenna Horn - helping prove the
Working in Middletown, NJ , I had read about the old Bell Labs (now Alcatel – Lucent)  was located in nearby in Holmdel, and also here in Holmdel is the famous Holmdel Antenna Horn, a piece of scientific equipment about the size of a small rotating barn , that was originally intended for microwave satellite research but unwittingly  turned ...

Cruises – a few tips 2

Cruises - a few tips
Having recently come back from a cruise vacation I can share a few brief tips that can save you a few bucks and make for a more enjoyable trip. Modern cruise ships are really floating 4/5 star hotels in the ocean. The ship we went on the Allure of the Seas (Royal Caribbean) is the ...

Cool airplane paint schemes 2

Cool airplane paint schemes
Saw this today on CNN.com , it shows some really interesting and colorful plane liveries. This appeals to both my interest in aviation and photography. To see more of these schemes visit airliners.net where you’ll find s boatload of airplane photos.

Future of high-speed travel is not by air but by “rail” 8

Future of high-speed travel is not by air but by
The more you live the more you realize how things change. While your going through it,change sometimes seems to take forever but only when we reflect back does it seem so obvious and apparent. Oddly  one area of change that hasn’t progressed much since my birth in the early seventies is that of high-speed travel, ...

My Quirky Bucket List

My Quirky Bucket List
Ahh the proverbial bucket list. Its that time of year, when people begin to think of New Year’s resolutions. So I prefer to think a little longer term, not just in the next year, but lifetime….  As we complete yet another orbit around the sun, its time to  realize as discomforting as it may be, ...

My first visit to Dominican Republic

My first visit to Dominican Republic
I recently traveled to Dominican Republic (D.R.) . I had previously been to the Bahamas, Cancun and Puerto Rico, so I was curious to visit D.R. as I have several friend who are from there.  It was a fun trip and I had a good experience.  There were a few hiccups, like my gms phone didn’t work with the ...