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conspiracy-theoryI’m typically not a conspiracy theory person, I’m pretty confident most things have a reasonable and justifiable explanation, but I too  like to indulge my questioning side, and for fun (no I’m not losing it) ask what if?..  Now this posting isn’t unique, and if you think conspiracy theories are always bunk look  here 10 Nefarious Conspiracies Proven True , so below are my , theories some are reiterating popular conspiracies others may be more speculative..  I stress these are just my opinions as to what conspiracy theories  may turn out to be true, just opinions.…but if some men in black show up at my door, you’ll know I’m onto something 🙂

  1. TWA Flight-800 was likely shot down : Was a Boeing 747-100, exploded and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean near East Moriches, New York, on July 17, 1996, killing 230 people.  The official cause of the accident was that a short circuit in the mostly empty center fuel tank ignited fuel vapors causing the explosion. Why not unprecedented that vapors could be ignited, the 747 had flown for decades without any such accident. The most likely conspiratorial reason is that the plane was brought down by a missile. What makes the theory so  plausible is the large number of independent  number of eye-witness that say something streak into the sky right before the explosion.In addition to a host of other tidbits explaining that the accident may have more nefarious causes.

  2. Big Oil is Killing the  Electric Car? :  This one is less of a conspiracy theory and more of an economic certainty. No industry wants to end its own existence, and most certainly the oil and auto industries. Looking back at the documentary Who Killed the Electric Car  we can see that at the time GM had very little vested interest in producing a green , fuel friendly vehicle. And the state of electric cars today in America and the world is barely any better (even Tesla’s Elon Musk says so… which is why he’s giving away Tesla’s patents to spur innovation), sure there are hybrids around and with the exception of a few Tesla’s, Volts and Leafs, very few electric car’s are available.. The excuses are plentiful,most are centered around the car’s cost relative to a traditional gas vehicle and poor range…  but maybe, just maybe the oil industry in cahoots with the Auto companies, are in no rush to produce cheap affordable electrics.. after all 67% of the worlds oil produced goes into vehicular transport, not to mention all the supporting industries (engines manufacturers, mechanics etc…). so there’s  billions of reasons not to push for the electric car.

  3. 1984 Big Brother is here,be very worried about the future..: This one I think is already proven, I suspect we all believed that the government monitored and tracked our communications, but I think since Wiki Leaks and Eric Snowden revealed bit and pieces of the government and spy agencies, its clear this one is much less a conspiracy and a certainty. I think there is even more powerful tracking and  monitoring capabilities, that are so secret that they are still under wraps, Internet and phone wire taps are really the tip of the ice berg. With today’s technologies, virtually any activity can be monitored from a distance in near real-time and can be recorded (DVR’ed if you will) . I believe more sophisticated technologies, like high-definition satellite tracking and Live 3D infrared tracking do allow government agencies to observe and collect details about anyone anytime. In other words its not too far-fetched the the government can have a very hi-resolution satellite to DVR  a particular city or town activity, imagine what that would mean, it could literally replay back events that happened in plain sight, or even more nefarious what if this technology used hi-resolution infrared to see through buildings..and record weeks or months worth of activity.. pretty amazing and scary….

  4. Still too Big to Fail.. more financial calamities around the corner. : I think after the crash and ensuring recession of 2008 people are more likely to concede the fragility of the worlds financial markets, I think while its unlikely the worlds markets would just grind to a halt (people still have to eat, after all) and central banks can “always print more money” ,  I think that the world is on pretty shaky ground (over leveraged)  and that the next financial calamity can come suddenly and cause great chaos. This theory is tangentially related  to the New World Order conspiracy (which I really don’t believe, since I feel everyone is equally greedy given the chance), the notion that a select few are ruling the world is a little too simplistic, and improbable.

  5. Winning the war on drugs… by legalizing them? It’s been decades and we’re finally winning the war on drugs? how? by legalizing them, starting with marijuana , and its about time, the war has consumed countless millions of money time and lives.. its time we focus on managing our drug culture and less on trying to criminalize it..The war on drugs is an age old debate mostly held by the conservative right, that somehow by trying to control people’s behavior to their righteous viewpoint, it would somehow make it a better world, all while sipping a glass of wine (which Is technically a drug, and once was prohibited). But the truth is you can’t have alcohol be legal and then say but drugs you smoke , snort or inject are somehow evil… Legalize , tax and regulate recreational drug use it will make for a better world.

  6. Flight MH 370? Mystery The most puzzling aviation mystery probably since the disappearance of Emilia Earhart, perhaps even more so… how can a modern jetliner just disappear. Theories abound about what could have happened, I think when the mystery is finally solved, and it will be solved, we will come to find out that likely some confluence of unfortunate events. Most of the existing evidence points to deliberate actions by the crew or someone familiar with the aircraft operations.   PBS’s Nova Why Planes Vanish has an interesting documentary on what’s known so far.. was it a suicidal pilot, deranged crew member , catastrophic failure, depressurization leading to hypoxia regardless of the actual cause, a tragedy nonetheless and hopefully a turning point for mandating all aircraft have live -telemetry about their location and status.

  7. Life Exists on other worlds.. and we already have preliminary proof.. I’m not necessarily talking about the grey’s or other classical extra-terrestrial type  creatures, just life , some form of detectable  life,  perhaps even civilized  intelligent life. I suspect  we have already tentatively detected that some civilization of some kind is out there, and have the bio-markers and initial proof to say so.. and where it is..  So why hasn’t it been announced? It likely hasn’t been made public probably because  of the difficulty  even with todays technology  of detecting life at light-year distances and actually providing irrefutable proof that such a bold claim is true, it may still not be technologically possible to do this for a decade or more. Think about how hard is to see life of our own planet from nearby space, looking at the earth from even the relatively close distance such as  the space station life on earth is not that obvious, you really don’t easily see anything besides land, sea and clouds…. Another possibility is that governments need to “prepare” the public by gradually introducing the concept that other planets exists, and therefore life on one of them is not unreasonable. Regardless of the reason when confirmation of it comes it will likely be the seminal event in the history of mankind.. but it may be 20-30 years.. but we could see it in our lifetime.

  8. Grey Goo  nanotechnology weapons exist. Most certainly in some dark recesses of some military lab, there exists a type of weaponized grey goo. Most likely its programmable form that allows the controlling entity to stop the out of control portion of the goo once a certain objective has been reached. Research in nanotechnology has been making great strides in the last decade, and its very likely the military uses of this technology are being investigated.

  9. Humans have been cloned and are  walking around somewhere:  I have no doubt that someone or some group has already successfully cloned a human being. While mainstream media and Western countries abhor the idea of cloning a person, and have regulations that prohibit it, I have no doubt some government or other entity with enough technical know-how, has done it successfully.  Since Dolly the sheep was cloned in 2003 , there have been many breakthroughs and enhancements in the field of biology, bioengineering, gene sequencing, genomics, to allow the right group to successfully clone a human being. Even more disturbing, there might be a whole group of identically cloned humans in some lab location on earth.. for what purpose?  who knows.. but  I believe we’ll hear about it within the next 5 years.

  10. Massive Solar storm will strike earth, creating havoc...  Something reminiscent of the Carrington Event will probably strike the earth within the next 50 years and create a lot of havoc and destruction on a global scale. This type of massive solar storm while not directly harmful to us, will destroy our modern infrastructure especially that infrastructure related to the electrical grid. The biggest danger is not in the actual storm’s destruction  we’ll recover from that , but in how modern societies will react without electricity for a few weeks to months, remembering the hysteria and  long lines at gas stations during Hurricane Sandy  it does not bode well.. So maybe those preppers are onto something…..

If you find this list interesting check out a longer list that inspired this post. http://list25.com/top-25-most-popular-conspiracy-theories/ Share your thoughts below..

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  1. Reply PAtricia J Jan 21,2016 12:26 pm

    I think a solar storm is the most likely..

  2. Reply jaxson Jan 23,2017 10:25 am

    Solar storm is not a conspiracy, its an inevitable reality

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