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Those of you who have come across this blog, no doubt notice that I’m a big fan of the sport of triathlon. In my opinion its just a fantastic participation sport, perhaps not the most exciting spectator sport, but definitely entertaining for  the participant. So below are my Top 10 reasons what I think makes this sport so much fun.

  1. Ladies wave start, Lincoln Park TriathlonVariety: 3-sports in -1 : This is one of main reasons why I love triathlon, you get to do three different things in a race , or is it three different races in one? either way you really can’t get bored since your doing one different sport after another.. anyone of the three events (swimming cycling or running) are individual sports in and of themselves but here you get all the excitement of each plus the silly transitions…
  2. Cameron Dye, bike sprint raceCool Bikes:Maybe this is a guy thing. but c’mon I know I’m not the only bike junkie around, and nothing looks cooler than a tricked out tri-bike with the aero wheels and matching paint schemes. These things look fast just standing still and they’re even more exciting hearing the whizzing sound of the aero wheels as you crank down the course.
  3. teamwork! Tony assists runner during triathlon relay Relays: How many other sports can you do relays in? Most triathlon events these days feature relay divisions, that allow you to join in with family and friends and compete in each leg. It’s a great way to introduce newbies to the sport and more importantly its a great bonding experience with friends, family and other competitors.
  4. Body Markings: Its pretty neat to have your number marked on your shoulders, but it’s even more interesting to have your age (to designate your age group) to be marked on your calf. During the race its interesting to look downBody Marking and see how your doing against your peers… Usually one of two emotions (or both) happen, you get… a) Inspired: when you’re kicking some 18yr old kids butt b) Humbled : when being *ss-kicked by some 65+ year old, either way it helps us all reinforce that this sport’s lifestyle is about living life and  cherishing what we can do! and not bitching about how old we and what we can’t do..
  5. ChaDSC_0053 (Large) (Large)llenged athletes: Triathlon has embraced challenge athletes since the early days, and it’s not just the accomplishments by the likes of the Team Hoyt or the Long Brothers , its the many challenged athletes who individually or as part of relays, are out there proving to the world that they can and they can compete with abled bodies, they inspire us all. I have had the good fortune of racing side by side with them, and its truly inspirational.
  6. DSC_0036“Craziness” factor: To the uninitiated triathlons seem like something crazy . I mean the average joe six-pack is going to assume your either a super endurance athlete or just plain crazy to do a triathlon, in fairness to them most only think triathlon comes in one distance 140.6-, Ironman, but regardless of distance its still pretty radical, and hard for most people to wrap their heads around it.
  7. Macca with Christine and meFriendly Pro’s : Unlike a lot of other professional sports, you can actually walk up and talk to most pro’s . They are very approachable, and most a good natured folks who are drawn to the sport much like the age groupers. Triathlon is not a mega-million dollar contract sport, so most pro’s don’t have the same ego’s and are more  fan friendly. Not to mention you get to race with them on the same race course.
  8. tri-rock philly swimCourses and venues : Then there are the amazing courses and venues all over the world from major races to small local ones, its a fantastic way to get outside enjoy the fresh air and take in the scenery. With iconic races like Escape from Alcatraz, St. George, Vineman,St. Anthony’s, Philly Tri Rock, Haugesand , St. Croix  plus many more  international spots  and of course Kona. You can swim in pristine lakes, rip through rolling country on your bike and get cheered to the finish line on the run in city centers.
  9. all smiles at 5k of Philly TrirockCompetitors and camaraderie: from talking with many of my fellow competitors at various races you find a lot of similar personalities; driven, hard working, looking to improve and always ready to offer encouragement and support. This is particularly true for the longer races, where helping you get through the pain and reaching the finish line supported by all those taking part. Most competitors are encouraging and wanting you to succeed, even at the highest levels at the most intense moments, camaraderie is there..
  10. our friend James , Achilles Guide helps blind runner finishThe Finish Line: Once you get your initial race under your belt and survive the open-water melee,master the madness of transition, defeat the killer climb on the bike and finish the run even though your legs are cooked.. there’s nothing more enjoyable than that finish line, sure your running, but its different than a run-only race finish, there are high-fives, and everyone is pulling for you.. then   you can sit back with your buddies and reminisce and realize you accomplished something, well pretty cool, and start thinking about the next one.

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    #11. Food afterwards! And you can eat all you want

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