Play Internet Radio on you Amazon Alexa Echo

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker, which means it does more than play music. With Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa, Echo can tell you about the weather, create shopping lists, help you in the kitchen, control other smart products such as lights and televisions, and a lot more.

One request that isn’t very obvious is that you can have Amazon Echo play internet radio with the help of another App. Here’s how.. Follow these steps.

Steps To Have Echo Play Internet Radio

  1. Just download the Tune In app to your phone and set up a free account.
  2. Then search the Echo skills for the Tune In skill.
  3. Enable that skill and link it to your new Tune In account (on your smartphone).
  4. Then you can request that Alexa play just about any terrestrial radio station on Earth.
  5. Just say “Alexa, play WCBS radio from my Tune In”.

I’ve used this for years to listen online to my college radio station.

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