Jersey Girl Triathlon 2013 Photos 3

Jersey Girl Tri

Jersey Girl Tri

Today  friends of mine took part in the 2013 Jersey Girl sprint triathlon/duathlon  held in Long Branch NJ Congrats to all the winners and finishers!  It was a fun event, and below are a few select photos from the event .

Picasa Photos are FREE ,if you like them I would appreciate you leaving  a comment below or link to this page..

2013 Jersey Girls Picasa Photos

Photos are generally in the order of the race,   if you want high-resolution (suitable for prints) in  Picasa click on the photo , then in the lower part of the page choose Options >> Download Full-size

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3 thoughts on “Jersey Girl Triathlon 2013 Photos

  1. Reply Alberto Aug 5,2013 2:06 am

    Christine looking good and great shots overall Tony,you two are hitting the races every weekend that’s great.keep’em coming tony

  2. Reply Paulette Aug 7,2013 3:35 pm

    The pictures are wonderful to look through. All the different action shots that we would never be able to have. Thanks for posting them.. Would love to be able to get the ones that I am in.

    • Reply Abrandao Aug 10,2013 11:57 am


      Thanks , i really only took general photos of a fewvfriends who took part in the race and was not an official event photog. So pretty much all i have is posted. Ill be taking more photos of war at the shore in a week, if your doing that reach out and ill look for you.

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