Randolph Lake Triathlon 2014

This weekend a group of friends and myself took part in the Randolph triathlon. We fielded two relay teams  in this year’s event. . We also took some race photos which are completely free, they’re posted on Google+ Albums , Links to photos are at the end of the post.  Photos are free kindly leave a comment if you like them, if you want larger hi-res version just ask..

The teams

Team: Earth, Wind and Fire

Team Earth Wind & Fire , Tony B – Swim, Tony T. -Bike , Drew -Run

Team: Splash, Flash and Dash

Team Splash Flash & Dash , Britney – Swim , Jose – Bike , Christine – Run


The Race

It was a nice warm but overcast morning, the race starts with an in-water swim start in Randolph lake. And after all the pre-race setup , transition, registration, etc. it was time to put on our game face.. At this race we also saw a few well known top local triathletes, Bobby Hammond (local 15 year phenom) and Doug Clark who was the winner of the Lincoln Park Sprint triathlon, we recently were at.

Swim ( 0.5 miles)

Tony B. exits water

Tony B. exits water

The swim was an in water start, we walked down the dock and hopped in the lake. We were in the last wave,  and then it was time for Britney and myself to hopped into the lake..

The swim was pretty good, I had a few navigating issues early on as breathing to one side caused me to mis-align myself with the course, which required a few course corrections. But there wasn’t too much contact and near the end of the swim I manged to find a good pair of feet to hang on to.. .

After wrapping up the swim there’s a short run up to T1. Barreling up the incline from the swim to T1 I actually made up some ground , I handed off my timing  chip to Tony T. who had an improved T1 run out this year over last, Brintey was a few minutes behind and handed the timing chip to Jose . Team Splash, Flash and Dash had excellent transitions…

Bike ( 16.3 miles)

Doug Clark nears end of bike

Doug Clark (Men’s Winner) nears end of bike

The bike course has a fair bit of climbing , considering how short it is. Tony T. had my Ion Air pro mounted on the bike and managed to capture some good race footage, check here or Youtube for the video when its edited and posted..

Tony’s bike had no mechanical issues this year, luckily he replaced his chain a few days before. The bike route was actually different from what we recon’ed on Friday.  Tony was also sporting new Reynolds race wheels, looking very sharp and fast on his modified road bike.

Jose B., Bike leg

Jose B., Bike leg

Tony managed an impressive 30+mph in certain sections and managed the climbs some of which were 13%+ pretty well.  coming in just under fifity minutes into transition T2, beating his performance from last year. Coming into T2 right ahead of Tony a competitor suffered a crash with some facial lacerations, but was  being tended to by the medics who were right there..

Jose was right behind him, even though he was a few minutes back out of T1 he gained time and was literally just a few seconds back coming into T2.  Then it was a quick exchange and onto the runners.

Run ( 3.1 miles)

Drew Power his way to finish

Drew powers his way to finish…“Fight the pain!”

Christine and Drew took on the anchor legs of the race, within a minute of each other . Drew being a very adept runner, especially with his cross-country background made short work of the 5K run with its mostly off-road course. Drew gobbled up many of the runners, and managed to seal first relay place for our team..

Britney & Drew "encourages" Christine to run faster

Britney & Drew “encourage” Christine to run faster

Christine also had a solid performance and improved her time on this course over last year.

Post Race

After the finish we were happy to see that both teams placed. Team Earth, Wind & Fire finished 1st. and Team Splash Flash and Dash  3rd  It was a real treat to have had a good performance on the day…

Also Bobby H. was nice enough to take some photos with us. Bobby H. (aka “that Tri Kid”) is an accomplished 15 year old pro-amateur triathlete, who has some amazing talent and performances and is setting his sights on the Olympics in the future. Check out his site http://bobbyhammond.com

Drew,Britney, Bobby and Christine

Drew,Britney, Bobby and Christine

For complete Results visit compuscore’s Randolph lake results page . Here are some of the top Relay finisher’s results


Team Swim 0.5 mi  T1 Bike 16.3 mi   T2 Run 3.1 mi   Finish
Earth-Wind-Fire  16:28 1:22  49:26 1:05 19:28 1:27:49
Team Tbd Club  18:03  1:37 49:00  1:00 22:29  1:32:09
.Splash Flash & Dash 18:40 1:05 47:57 0:56 24:52 1:33:30
Team Grennan 17:21 1:35 53:13 1:16 20:50 1:34:13
Team Saxons 12:54 1:11 47:10 1:14 32:05 1:34:34

As always it was a blast and even more so with such a large group of friends competing in the race..  we’re already excited and looking forward to our next adventure.

Free Randolph Lake Triathlon Photos

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Full 2014 Randolph Lake Triathlon Race Photos

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