Review: Solememo® Myvision N16 Bluetooth Speaker

Myvision N16 Bluetooth Speaker

Myvision N16 Bluetooth Speaker

This is  review of a neat little N16 MyVision Solememo® Bluetooth speaker.  This is  nicely styled unit. That gives you a lot of bang for your buck..  Besides providing external Bluetooth connected speakers for your mobile device , it also has hand-free phone calling and mp3 (SD-card) standalone music playing.



Function Specifications
Model N16  Myvision Solememo Bluetooth speaker
Speaker 2-tweater with Rated power 3W
Bluetooth Version 3.0
Playing Time 6-8 hours
Talk Time 8hrs
Bluetooth Range 15m
Ports microSD card (TF)  – ac power  microusb 5v- auiliary
attachments usb power – audio aux


Myvision N16 Bluetooth top buttons

Myvision N16 Bluetooth top buttons

The n16 is  battery powered speaker but it optionally has an a/c input (via the microUSB plug) , should you want to use it plugged in .  But with a 6-8 hour play time on battery it should last plenty of time for most listening. The Bluetooth speaker has audible indicators, that is it speaks through the speaker, changes such as when you …
-turn on speaker
-pair Bluetooth successfully
-loose Bluetooth connectivity
-battery low

The audio  indicators do have  a tinge of an Asian accent which is kinda of amusing but nonetheless works very well,  and it makes a lot of sense to have audio cues that you can hear  instead of blinking lights.

Pairing the speaker works very well.  Use your phone, tablet or pc Bluetooth  and scan for the my vision device,  then select it and  pair it,  generally no pairing   code is necessary but the usual 0000 works if prompted. You hear the audio cue that you have paired successfully.

Sounds quality  is  crisp and clear the two 3-watt speakers provide adequate  sound.  The volume controls at the top of the speaker provide an alternate method of volume adjustment in addition to mobike devices volume control. The next and previous track does use the shared volume controls. This is a little annoying when you want to change tracks you need to recall that you have to press and hold to change tracks, but it something you get used to…

Myvision N16 Speaker side ports

Myvision N16 Speaker side ports (showing SD card – not included)

There is also a micro SD slot (labeled TF)  that allows you to load music mp3 (and other audio files)   just insert the SD directly into the speaker and then simply play your tracks that way. There’s no method to use playlists or such , its pretty much a backward forward kind of listening. I don’t use the SD function much but its nice to have when you just want to listen to some tunes .

There is also a phone button on the speaker, that allows you to use it as a speaker phone, simply touch the phone button and now you can turn your phone into a speaker phone that let’s you talk while you move about the room, hands-free.

Documentation that came with the speaker is pretty poor.  Poorly written in a tiny pamphlet  with tiny font.   This could be improved.

Overall I’m very satisfied with thise Bluetooth speaker, it’s black stylish design, audio cues,  quick and efficient pairing plus  feature rich input makes for a great little portable Bluetooth and hands free phone speaker.

Myvision N16 Bluetooth Speaker + accessories

Myvision N16 Bluetooth Speaker box and  accessories

It comes in three  colors,  but I like the matte black most.  Check it out here.

Solememo® Myvision N16 Bluetooth Speaker Dual Trumpets Touch-Panel …

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