Asbury Park TriRock 2014 Race & Photos

Athletes await start of Asbury Park Tri

Athletes await start of Asbury Park Tri

This past weekend a group of friends and I took part in the second annual Asbury Park TriRock triathlon.  The race, part of the  National TriRock series was held this weekend at Asbury Park, NJ. We entered the race in the team relay division fielding two teams Team Earth,Wind, and Fire; and Team Splash, Flash, and Dash in the Intermediate distance race,  the shorter classic Sprint distance triathlon was also part of the race… plus I had a chance to say hi to a few other participants I knew were also in the race.

If you are looking for free Photos of the race see link at bottom of post.. .

Pre-race.. the pending duathlon

Packet pick up was Saturday before the race and a small expo is next to the packet pickup located at the old carousel on Asbury Ave.  Arriving on an overcast and blustery day,  it was obvious from watching  the waves crashing ashore that if conditions didn’t significantly improve the swim leg would not take place.

Runners complete run leg of TriRock Triathlon

Runners complete run leg of TriRock Triathlon

Arriving  Sunday morning one of our first teammates to arrive communicated that the swim was canceled,  I was not surprised and had already expected a run,  in place of the swim.   The weather was actually quite nice with temps in the mid 60’s  and sunny, but the previous day’s winds had created unfavorable surf conditions, and although the surf was better than Saturday, it was clear from seeing the beach that a swim would have been challenging, especially getting in and out of the water.  As our two teams and supporters  arrived, we began to assemble  our gear and after a brief warm-up jog on the Boardwalk, we headed to the start coral for the run.

Swim (cancelled )  Run (1.3mi.)

Brittany runs into T1

Brittany runs into T1

The swim leg was replaced with a 1.3mi run. Brittany and I would do the first leg run,  and we were in the 3rd wave of the intermediate distance race.  The run was along the perimeter  of Welsey Lake. Going off in batches of 4,  Brittany and I ran side by side for the first quarter mile before I started distancing myself from her.  I ran through the first mile around 7:16 pitiful for me on such a short distance,  but then I slowed a bit before coming under the old casino building get and back into T1… Tony T.  would do the bike leg,  and after a quick swap of the timing chip he was off.  Brittany followed about a minute plus later.  With another smooth chip exchange, Jose was  off and cranking on the bike.

After my short run and a quick change of clothes, I put on my “photographer’s hat” and  used the remaining time to snap some photos of the other race participants.

Bike (19.1 mi.)

Jose speeds near mile 11 of 20

Jose speeds past mile 11 of 20

On the bike both Relay riders managed good rides.  Light winds helped and a completely flat course Although  a few nasty 90 turns with some sand strewn about made some of these sections a challenge. Tony kept improving as the ride became longer, after “warming up ” on the first lap , his faster second lap gave him a a nice 23.5 mph average throughout. Jose admitting to a less than  stellar performance managed a respectable average speed of about 22.5 for the duration of the  50+min.  course. Finishing strong both riders entered T2  separated by about 3 minutes..

Tony powering through turn near mile 10 ...

Tony powering through turn near mile 10 …

Also the bike course was not exactly  10 miles per lap as stated by TriRock the course is about 9.5 miles per lap, several riders including our two relay cyclists agreed the course is about a 1/2 mile short per lap.

Run (6.0  mi.)

Drew finishing strong

Drew finishing strong

Next was the relay-runners turns, Drew and Ryan, both would take off flying out of T1. Drew commented that only one runner (turned out it was  the men’s sprint winner ) managed to pass him and to do that he had to be doing 5:30 /min miles. Drew held a nice pace throughout and finished strong. Ryan started second out of T2 commented that he paced off a few folks before passing them . I saw Ryan who was flying back towards the finish right after going past the Convention hall..

Ryan runs past Old Convention Center

Ryan runs past Old Convention Center

Finish & Results

After the race we hung around and waited for the awards ceremony.  We snatched both first and second place mugs for our efforts. Our intermediate relay division had 12 teams, and our podium places were in jeopardy as we came into T1 being in  6th and 8th position. It was thanks to our strong cyclists and runners that we grabbed our podium spots.

 INTERMEDIATE RELAYS  1.3mi Run –T1–  19.2 mi. Bike –T2–  6.0 mi. run Chip
Place Name Time Time Time Rate Time Time Pace Time
1 Earth Wind and Fire 10:46.22 0:44.67 51:00.64 23.5mph 0:36.89 41:37.71 6:56/M 1:44:46.13
2 Splash Flash and Dash 12:15.03 0:36.37 53:08.40 22.6mph 0:32.90 47:27.35 7:55/M 1:54:00.05
3 Tony Claudino 10:25.38 0:38.29 50:50.36 23.6mph 0:35.88 53:00.22 8:50/M 1:55:30.13
4 Team Russell 10:28.67 0:37.94 1:01:57.03 19.4mph 0:28.54 42:38.48 7:06/M 1:56:10.66
5 Julie Percifield 9:47.72 0:34.28 51:11.34 23.4mph 0:34.82 1:00:12.65 10:02/M 2:02:20.81
6 Meredith Rodriguez 10:20.12 0:49.51 1:04:58.30 18.5mph 0:43.01 49:56.76 8:19/M 2:06:47.70
7 2 Pat for Shore 10:22.61 0:34.22 1:01:23.67 19.5mph 0:39.17 1:02:33.98 10:26/M 2:15:33.65
8 Treilman 16:09.39 0:43.29 54:04.25 22.2mph 0:41.03 1:04:39.94 10:47/M 2:16:17.90
9 Fatal Harvest 13:59.16 0:46.63 1:09:23.10 17.3mph 0:38.34 1:01:44.43 10:17/M 2:26:31.66
10 2toTri 14:04.63 0:38.44 1:00:14.01 19.9mph 0:41.05 1:11:32.47 11:55/M 2:27:10.60
11 The TRI Amigas 15:26.59 0:48.05 1:20:27.90 14.9mph 0:39.31 1:03:14.61 10:32/M 2:40:36.46
Relay winners Earth, Wind and Fire (Tony T., Drew, Tony B.)

Relay winners Team: Earth, Wind and Fire (Tony T., Drew, Tony B.)

2nd Place - Team Splash, Flash and Dash (Ryan, Brittany, Jose)

2nd Place – Team Splash, Flash and Dash (Ryan, Brittany, Jose)

Congrats again to all finishers and participants, while not a true triathlon because of the canceled swim the spirit of the race was the same.

Again kudos to MC. Ann and the whole TriRock organization they always put on a first class event.. I wish they had more in the area..

Free Photos…

It was a blast to see everyone and we took a bunch of photos which are all freely available below.

If you like the photos just leave a comment below , share this link on Facebook or wherever . I encourage you to download the ones you want to keep, as the “cloud” version  may be moved or removed in the future.

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