PHP 7 is here! 1

It looks like the latest edition of PHP has been released, PHP 7 , and it  brings a lot of new enhancements. Its biggest new capabilities are vast speed improvements, rumor has it that its on par with Facebook’s proprietary HHVM project (PHP JIT compiler). There’s a nice write up here over at of PHP 7 vs. HHVM and some of the new technologies incorporated into PH 7 . Below are some additional PHP 7 related links you may find useful:


Strangely PHP 6 never saw the light of day, from the various comments it appears that its development direction was eclipsed by PHP 7 performance improvements,   and it looks like it will become a dead branch in the lineage of PHP versions…

Of course all this hoopla about a new version, doesn’t really affect today’s current in-production site(s) , but depending on how quickly hosting companies adopt this new version will tell how bright its future will be.. For a complete feature set visit PHP 7 new features

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  1. Reply DanielForte Dec 23,2015 6:51 am

    yes, PHP 7 will become the next de facto PHP version to replace PHP 5 which is over 10 years old now , although PHP 5 has had a steady stream of minor version updates… Long live PHP !

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