Bear mountain hiking..

view from top f Bald mountain to Hudson river

Last week a few friends and I went to Bear Mountain to hike and do some photography. Wanted to try out my “new” Sony A6000 and the Mavic. Take a peek at the video. Here’s the hike we did up to Bald mountain.

Some things that I learned from this hike …

  • Be sure to get a good trails app for your phone , one with GPS and offline maps, The Alltrails App came in handy at one point where out Trail meandered and we had to refer to App for some direction.
  • Good hiking clothes and shoes are wrht the money.  I strongly recommend Prana clothing great outdoor pants and accessories for men and women.
  • Consider hiking poles especially for Rocky and uneven trails (good cheap ones available for $20 at Walmart)

Here’s a short video of the hike…

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