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DJI Spark Drone –

Well today DJI is announced a new, smaller selfie class drone the colorful DJI Spark ,. The new DJI Spark drone unveiled at the official May 24th 2017 DJI announcement event in NYC has the following features….

Primary Features:

  • Class: Selfie drone
  • Flight time: 16 minutes
  • Speed: up to 31mph
  • Battery: Swappable, Micro USB chargeable
  • Camera: 1/2.3″ sensor ., 12mpx, 1080/30fps
  • Gimbal: Mechanical gimbal
  • Control Range: 1.24 miles (With controller)
  • Estimated cost: $499
  • Colors: blue, red, green,white

Spark Drone – Range 1.24 miles (With controller)

Main Spark  Features :

  • Palm launched , near immediate takeoff time , reduced just press power button twice and release.
  • Enhanced gesture control for within 10 foot , wifi control for about 100 feett and 1.24 mile via controller
  • Quick shots  -now intelligent camera movements for about a minute with auto -editing
    Quick shot types (inteliigent flight modes) Rocket, Dronnie , Circle (auto orbit), Helix (orbit with sprial)
  • DJI 4 App, provides enhanced auto-video editing capabilities.

Spark Drone – Intelligent flight modes

Overall this drone is positioned to fit in the new class of selfie drones. It’s slated to be positioned below the he Mavic PRo and Phantom lines, which are larger drones focused on higher quality photography and video.

This new DJI  drone class (selfie drone) will compete directly with the ZeroTech Dobbie Pocket Drone and Yuneec Breeze , but it excels in that it has a 2-axis Gimbal stabilized camera (The other do not), better camera, plus many of smart DJI’s intelligent flight modes found in DJI Mavic and Phantom series. Again DJI has out-classed everyone else.

Price and Availability:

Spark Drone priced at $499

DJI has priced the DJI Spark drone at $499 (and a Fly more combo for $699), and US Availability is mid-June (shipping) , as before you can place your Spark pre-orders today on DJI’s site ..

4 thoughts on “DJI new SPARK selfie drone for $499

  1. Reply Jack May 24,2017 11:46 am

    Only 16min flight time is pretty disappointing, really means you only get about 10-12 minutes of real world flight, so you’ll need to carry a bunch of spare batteries at, least it’s re-chargeable via USB

  2. Reply Janice block May 24,2017 11:49 am

    What does the fly more combo include? What’s the size of the controller?

  3. Reply Jackson Brown May 24,2017 3:56 pm

    Fly more combo is pretty pricey, Not sure if I would spend that much on it..

  4. Reply Blaise S Jun 5,2017 9:39 pm

    looks pretty small , how does it handle wind?

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