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Sports and photography brings together two of my favorite hobbies, I’m a big fan of sports/action photography, for me there something pretty neat about stopping time and capturing the action , intensity and drama that is sports and action events. So it was nice to see this CNN  collage of recent sports photos from this last week in July 2014 . CNN does this from time to time and posts sports photos throughout the year.. it inspired my to browse my collection and put up a few of my favorites.

Of course there are other top 10 through top 100 coolest sports photos lists , check out some other ones I ran across, some photos will be instantly recognizable (Like ALI TKO of Sonny Liston or Michael Jordan in flight or Roger Banister breaking the 4 minute mile) others will be less so, but they all capture the emotion that is sports…

Best Sports Photography tips….. form Scott Kelby

Check out this awesome youtube video session by Scott Kelby on taking great sports photos.


Scott Kelby Tips Summary

Here are a summary of the tips form the video above, watch the video for a complete explanation..

  • Best sports photos fall into three categories: Action shots , celebration and defeat (Emotion photos)\
  • Know your sport, so you can anticipate action and position properly
  • Shoot from low angle (knees) , use a mono pod , low angle makes athlete look “larger”
  • When shooting Action shots (for most ball sports) , try to have the ball in the frame, along with some leading space, of  where the action is heading to.
  • When Shooting moving sports (auto racing / running etc.) use the pan movement plus burst mode with low shutter speed 1/50th etc. be prepared to throw out most photos, it takes practice
  • Use best equipment,  particularly lenses possible:
    • 200mm -400mm for field action sports, outside in good light f-stop not issues..
    • Have two camera bodies, one with telephoto one with normal zoom
    • Must have 2.8f or better lens for indoor sports shooting, be prepared to dial-up ISO to get your preferred dynamic range.
    • Consider lens rentals for one time events.


a few of my personal collection sports photos

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