Tomorrow’s world: BBC infographic

Interesting infographic about the future

Having just recently posted a blog entry on the future of work.  I was reading my Flipboard feed and came across this interesting infographic from the BBC Future web site.  I found it amusing and interesting because some of the predictions (And that’s what these are) some of them coincide with my “predictions”  or musings.. Also interesting is they list the odds, next to each prediction .. Among some of the more interesting and bizarre prognostications.

  • Digital currency universally accepted… likely not bitcoin.. but interesting how that prediction is scheduled to early.. (next year)
  • You can upload the contents of your brain to a computer (circa 2021)
  • Pilot-less commercial planes (circa 2030.. hey I said that)
  • First cloned humans (circa 2070)
  • Tax abolished in USA (circa 2011), ok this one made me chuckle..


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