Cruises – a few tips 2

Cruises - a few tips
Having recently come back from a cruise vacation I can share a few brief tips that can save you a few bucks and make for a more enjoyable trip. Modern cruise ships are really floating 4/5 star hotels in the ocean. The ship we went on the Allure of the Seas (Royal Caribbean) is the ...

Running in the fall

Running in the fall
Here on the East coast and many other parts of the US , nature is a cornucopia of colors as the trees perform their annual ritual of fall. Its one of the best times to run, or do anything outdoors that let’s you take in all the scenery. Luckily my favorite running path is through ...

Nexus 5: My next smartphone

Nexus 5: My next smartphone
Updated: Released 12/27/2013 So I finally unwrapped my Nexus 5 Christmas gift, and have been playing with it for the last few days.  So far it’s everything I expected, no surprises  Battery life seems decent, build quality is pretty good, and screen display is amazing. The camera which  I was looking forward to, did not ...

Review: G-Box MX2 Android XBMC / Kodi Smart TV Player 26

Review: G-Box MX2 Android XBMC / Kodi Smart TV Player
01/2021 Update (OUT OF DATE BOX and Details): Note this Box and the Kodi services described below are no longer working properly , this is because a lot has changed in the 7 years  since the article was written.  Kodi as of right now is has a stable release  of 18.9 ,  this is no ...

Planet Money podcasts rock! my favorite episodes!

Planet Money podcasts rock! my favorite episodes!
Why Planet Money Rocks! Planet Money (NPR) podcasts are awesome! the podcast on anything related to finance, economy,  money with plenty of social commentary mixed in, are thoroughly entertaining, thought provoking ,downright frustrating  and most of all enlightening. In my daily diet of podcasts, Planet Money are  almost always universally excellent, the wide variety of ...

Shell script code: show oldest | newest file in folder and file age 2

Shell script code: show oldest | newest file in folder and file age
Determining Oldest file and file age Today I had to write a short shell script to help figure out the oldest file in a particular folder, how old that file was (in secs or minutes). This is a pretty common requirement when dealing with file(s) folders  such as working directories, where you periodically need to ...

Cool & Funny race reports by Trevor Wurtele

Cool & Funny race reports by Trevor Wurtele
Canadian professional triathlete Trevor Wurtele  (part of Team Wurtele his wife Heather is also a pro triathlete) have some of the coolest and funniest photo video race reports. I had seen them before, and am thoroughly amused by them I can watch them over and over.  The guy is freakin’ fast and creative! He basically does ...

Review: Acer Iconia A1 8″ (810/830) android tablet 2

Review: Acer Iconia A1 8
Update (12/2014) Iconia A1- Model 830 I recently picked up the successor to the Iconia A1 810, the A1 830, this is a bit of an improved model, The form factor stays the same 7.9″ 4:3 aspect ratio. What’s improved is the chassis, is slimmer and more premium feeling, the processor has been updated to ...

Cool airplane paint schemes 2

Cool airplane paint schemes
Saw this today on , it shows some really interesting and colorful plane liveries. This appeals to both my interest in aviation and photography. To see more of these schemes visit where you’ll find s boatload of airplane photos.